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Southern California Food Allergy Institute Treatment Chart

Hi Guys! 

This is our older son’s food allergy treatment plan @socal food allergy institute. 

If you read the last post, you know that he is under the treatment of the Southern California Food Allergy Institute.   He started the treatment back in 2020 January after we had been waitlisted for about 10 months. 


This clinic uses data analysis. The clinic runs about 400 tests per patient to predict the number of sessions required to reach remission. It means, after you go through the sessions, you will no longer have allergic reactions to your food allergens. They call it “food freedom.” The patients will gradually build tolerance to food allergens by ingesting foods from similar protein families.  Currently, with today’s medicine, there is no cure for food allergies. However, for our family, we see this food freedom as a “cure.” 


When we went to the clinic for the first time, it was full. It was, in fact, so crowded that we didn’t have a place to sit.  However, we remember that it was filled with hope. Everyone was there for the same reason,  food freedom. 


The first visit was done and on the way back to our car, we met this mother and son in the elevator. The mom looked at our son and said, “Our son is remission. Done with the program today!” and smiled. We congratulated them. The son told us that he was tolerant to peanuts and much more.  He seemed so happy and so was his mother. 


They left the elevator first, and we followed.  I clearly remember to this day, how happy everyone was.  All the anxiety and weight had been lifted.  The world literally looked different- bright and happy. The anxiety we had toward food allergies were gone. 


Before we found this treatment, we have been on a journey of “why.” Why did our son have this many food allergies when neither of us had strong allergies. After that day, it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter because our son would  be one day like the boy in the elevator.  Our son would obtain food freedom.   


I wanted to share this out loud for who are afflicted with food allergies and seeking for some answers.

Swipe to see SPT pics and more.

Last year, a staff  told us that our total appointment count was 50 instead of 46. However, since our son is still young, the progress might accelerate after we run and annual blood test. So, it could be less than 50 visits!

We happened to find the Tolerance Induction Program (TIP) However, Oral Immunotherapy (OIT) would have definitely been a choice we hadn’t found this food allergy treatment near us.

You should never give up hope.  

There is always room to improve the quality of life for your loved ones.

Have a great day!!

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